Name: Gary Smith

Date 09/12/2021


Location Durban South Africa


I have the pleasure of seeing Jerry Steyn whom lives down the road from me,
when he calls me to sort out his LP gas related issues.
I have to say, I have never met such a kind and humble being that Jerry is.
On one particular day, I noticed his group picture of C-Sqdn A Troop taken in Yemen Aden and we got to talking about our military backgrounds, different units and members.
I mentioned that Jeremy Strong Lt Col (retd) MLM, BCR was my boss in civvy street for 3 odd years back in the 90's.
Jerry was kind enough to organize the book "Special Air Service", The Men Speak for me. To all , Thank you for your service, may the fallen be forever remembered.

Gary Smith 2SSB D-sqdn SADF.

Submitted 07:38 AM - 09 December 2021