Csqn SAS Messages

To all, My best to you and yours during this approaching holiday season.
Less we not forget the 11th of Nov.Take a moment in the day, "Veterans day" to look back and remember back some 28 years to those young men who stood side by side with yourself and paid the ultimate price for a cause that you and they believed in.

Keep your heads down and stay lucky.

Charlie Dukes

I am researching and photo cataloguing numbered/issued Selous Scouts Wings and photos of S/Scouts wings in wear.

The intent is for research for publishing a book on the Selous Scouts Wings.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




Mike Blackwell?

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mike

If so please contact me via the Sqn email address


John Graham

Danny Hartman and I are trying to record all para courses, photos, names, dates etc. We would very much like photos scanned (and named if possible) sent to us.
Contact details available from the secretary
We look forward to being overwhelmed with information!

John Graham & Danny Hartman, from 'The land of the long white cloud'


I did a selection course in August 1961 run by Bob "Throat" Bouch and Captain John Peters and gained my wings at New Sarum in January 1962.
I remember a Squadron photograph was taken before we moved up to new barracks in Ndola. Does anyone have a copy of this photograph.
On the 1961 selection course was Johny Peters, Bob Hollis, Mike Smith, Rob Johnstone, Mike Sim and myself Alistair Stewart…..all out of Brady Barracks and most from the RLI.
I retired from the British Army in 1998 after 23 year.

Alistair Stewart.