Csqn SAS Messages

To all the boys who gave my old man a good send off .
Thank you very much, it was nice to see so many of you thought so highly of him and thanks for your kind words.

Paul Harper-Ronald and family

Reunion 2007 was once again a great success, but have a look at the number of plaques on the wall next to the plinth listing ex members who have passed on this year 13!

I must apologise for the number and sameness of the pictures this year but there were problems I did take a lot more and varied ones.

Guys if you are a

secret squirrel
a walter mitty wanna bee,
a drug dealer,
a money launderer,
a fraudster
hiding from your spouse

and you dont want your picture on the internet, TELL ME. Dont let my waste my Fu@#ing time taking your picture for two days then say Duh I dont want my picture on the internet

Sorry guys if you have not booked for the South African or UK reunion by now, 11 October, its to late. We are fully booked, Book early next time.

24 September 07

Greetings everyone,

Sadly I must report the passing of Warren “Bones” Botha at 01:20hrs on Thursday the 20th September following a long a difficult battle with lung cancer. He leaves his Daughter Sharren and son Warren and on behalf of the Association we offer our condolences to them for their sad loss.
There will be a “Wake” at the Shamwari Club at 1800h on Thursday 27th September for those able to attend to say farewell to an old friend before Sharren returns to Uganda where she is working.
For catering purposes please advise me if you will be attending and should any of you have a message you would like me to read out please reply accordingly to this email.

23 August 2007

Hi Guys,
We (some Ex PTS Types) are having a reunion in Busselton, Western Australia. The dates are set down for January 4-5-6, 2008.
We would like to invite ALL who had dealings with PTS during the struggle. To date we can confirm the attendance of Derek De Kock, Tony Hughes, Dick Gledhill and my self Paul Hogan.
Mike Duffy and Ian Douglas have expressed their intention to attend. We expect many more people to put their hands up once the word gets out.
As an added incentive, Southern Skydivers will extend the use of their equipment and facilities to people wishing to partake of a plunge or two. Tandem skydives will be available for people who may be either a little rusty, or who may have been attacked by a sudden burst of common sense! Attendees will also be able to have a flight around the Margaret River wine region. We have a Cessna 182 and a Britten Norman Islander aircraft.

I can be contacted for further info at paulhogan@oceanbroadband.net

Also of interest, a fellow called Peter Garratt, is in the process of writing a book about PTS. Any photos or other revel ant information that could be passed to Peter would be greatly appreciated. He will credit and acknowledge the senders of information and photos. He intends to produce a very broad account of the PTS involvement. Photos from SAS, RLI, Selous Scouts, RAR, SADF Recce and Air Force are all welcome, as PTS worked with all.

Peter in contactable at pcgarratt@iinet.net.au
Listing this event on your site would be greatly appreciated.

Stay Well

Best regards

Paul Hogan

21 August 2007

Jake harper-Ronald

I thank all of you for your compassionate messages of condolence and the tremendous support I have received over this very difficult time.

It was moving to read some of your personal memories of Jake – and although I have never met a lot of you, I recognised you all from stories he used to tell. (Jake was not only an excellent artist, but he was also a first-class story teller!)
My grateful thanks go to Barbara Bresler, whom although we had never met, was my ‘rock’ and is helping me cope with the unbearable pain of losing someone truly loved. Special thanks to John Davies and SSAFA who organised the funeral arrangements and assisted us throughout this trying period. Grateful thanks to my brother John and his wife who were most hospitable in having everyone back to their house for a very drunken braai, and Jimmy Ley who passed on the message of his passing. There are so many of you out there who deserve thanks – Greg Budd who organised a memorial service for Jake's friends in Harare and ran it the same time we had ours in England and Butch Atkins for your emotional tribute to Jake at the service.

We did not want Jake's funeral to be a somber affair so all those who attended wore casual gear. On entry of the coffin we played “Time to say Goodbye”. The service was conducted by Capt Michael Allen of the Salvation Army and he delivered a tender speech of the man we all knew. Then we listened to “Amazing Grace” before Butch dedicated the song “I have seen the sun rise in Zimbabwe”. After the dedication as everyone was leaving we played “We’ll be Missing You”. At the braai we all enjoyed Jake's favourite music which included The Rolling Stones, The Animals and a mixture of the 60’s music. We also included a song dedicated by his son Paul – “Guns for Hire”. Greg Budd in Harare dedicated “Hero of the day” and “Brothers in Arms”.

I know Jake would have been very touched by everyone’s support and love, and I know you will always have fond memories of him in your hearts.
On behalf of Paul, Dayne and myself, I thank all of you, especially those who I may not have mentioned, for everything you have done for us.


5 August 2007

Hi everyone,
It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of Earl “Jake” Harper-Ronald in England early this morning following a long battle with cancer.
Jake had been receiving treatment for some months now and was admitted to hospital in the UK yesterday with swollen legs and a serious infection impairing his speech and raising his temperature. Early this morning after receiving morphine to stem the pain he bravely lost the battle and passed away at 05:00h.
On behalf of the SAS Regimental Association of Southern Africa I pass our sincere condolences to his family.
For further information please contact Jimmy Ley at home Tel: 01732851921 or 01732474924 or Cell: 07768281159 Email: j.ley966@btinternet.com
Maggie, Jakes wife may be contacted on 079-68652709. Email little_redxxx@yahoo.co.uk
Please pass this message on to anyone in the SAS family I might have missed.

Farewell dear friend
Pete Maunder
SAS Regimental Association of Southern Africa.

Hi everyone,
It is my sad duty to inform you of the passing of Neil McNish on Saturday 21 July 2007 following a heart attack.
He leaves his wife Toni and daughters Karen and Jeannine.
A Service is to be held at 14:00h next Wednesday 25th July at St. Johns Church, Wynberg, situated near the entrance to the Military Base where all will be most welcome to attend.
Toni can be contacted on
or email: toneil@telkomsa.net.

All members please note, the memorial service for Joe Bresler will be held at the memorial plinth in Durban on the 5 May 07 at 11.00am. Please make every effort to attend.

Sir, as an ex Scots Guard and an ex member of 'D' Sqn 23 SAS I would like to pass on my condolences at the death of Joe.
I worked with him on and off in Baghdad since September 2005. I found him to be a true profesional, great fun to be with and a great story teller.
He always told me that he would dance when Mugabie dies, I for one will be doing it for him when that day comes.
We have all lost a real gem. I will be at the funeral,
hope to see some of the 'C' Sqn guys there.

Yours aye,
Ian Hall


8 April 2007

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of ex member Joe Bresler, killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad yesterday.
Our deepest condolences go out to Joes family
We will post details if and when a memorial service is held.

Hi there my name is Pedro Wiltshire and most of you would have had your parachute training through my father Michael Wiltshire at the Parachute training school in Salisbury.
I am trying to put together a historical photo album of my fathers work. I know that when you all passed or completed your parachute training you would have had a photo taken of yourselves with the training instructor. I myself have met a few of you at the SAS reunions that used to be held in South Africa, but now that I have moved to England I have lost touch with many of my dads old mates.
As you know he passed away with cancer years ago but now that I have a new addition to my family I would like to put together a portfolio of my father to show his grand son when he is older. I have lost a lot of his stuff through theft from moving around S.A and across to England. If there is anyone who can assist me in scanning photos and then e-mailing them to me I would be very grateful. I know if he were still alive he would still be going to the reunions and telling the same old stories of which I never got tired of listening to.

My e-mail addresses are pedro.wiltshire@mogg-ee.com or pedro_wiltshire@msn.com

Thanks Pedro Wiltshire

Merry Christmas & and a Happy New Year to commitee, ex members and families wherever they may be.

Hennie Schoeman.

16 Aotearoa Terrace
Murrays Bay 0630
North Shore City
Tel : (09) 476 9306
Mobile : 021 206 9680
Toll Free : 0508 869 123
E-mail : barsonwheels@ihug.co.nz

Hi Gents
Can anyone please help David Spence who sent me the following email.
Please reply to me at dave@bigpond.net.au
Thanks very much.

Kind Regards

Dave Hodgson

(Managing Director,Paladin Group)

Hi Dave,
Wonder if you can help with some info please.
Ex-military, but Brit Royal Marines Commando Forces rather than Rhodie forces.
Was in Zim with Brit Govt. 1999/02. Fell serious in love with the place, but sadly now unlikely to be able to go back - at least under present regime. Still in contact with many of Zim friends I have (or they are now in UK).
When I was in Zim I picked up a tankard in a market that I felt needed rescuing It is inscribed (under a Scorpion motif) ..."HQ Special Forces - Rhodesia - Maj RDA Bayliss MBE June 1980"......
I wonder whether you or any of your contacts can tell me who is (was) Maj Bayliss?
Best Wishes

David Spence

To: ZPA e-mail address list


This e-mail is being sent to all Zimbabwe pensioners who have submitted their details to the Zimbabwe Pensioners Association (ZPA) since July 2004. In some cases, the pensioner did not have a personal e-mail address, and gave that of a close relative or friend instead. If you are the latter, please accept this message on behalf of the pensioner concerned.

As the ZPA is about to send out letters to all those who corresponded with the ZPA, we would like to confirm that the e-mail addresses are correct or still applicable. To avoid sending attachments that the recipient is unable to open and read, please would you respond to this message. Kindly providelet me know if you are able to open files in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, or doc (MS Word).

Please would you respond to this message, for our records.

Thank you for your assistance.

John Redfern
Hon. National Secretary
Flame Lily Foundation (incorporating the ZPA)
PO Box 95474
0145 Waterkloof
Tel & Fax: 012 4602066
Website: www.flamelily.ws

Maybe a bit late, only got round to looking in today, but I would like to send special greetings to Michael Smith, and tell him that I, and all my family and friends, are very, very glad you are out of that hell-hole.
Enjoy life among your own now.
We salute you! Cheers Mike.

Willem Ratte.

Hi Guys,
I would like Steve Balletta and Laurie Watermeyer to contact me please. Get my e-mail add from Dave. Its in connection with Simani Mine - ring a bell?


Joubs Joubert

Hi, I'm looking for two old friends who did my selection course with me. Peter Woods and Nico Breytenbach.
I completed the selection course, para course and my first month in the bush. Unfortunately, Barny Rubble and I did not see eye to eye and I was transfered to the MIU instead of receiving my beret and belt.
I was in the bush with Johnson and was trained by "Mad Dog" Harne, the year was 1973, I think. I was a school pal of Nigel Willis and he was coming in to join us when things went wrong.

Any contacts would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Tollan I Wade

Hi everyone,

This is to let you know that the 2005 Remembrance Service DVD has now been completed and available at R120 inclusive of postage. Having viewed it I can assure you that it is of extremely good quality and well worth the money.
The service was attended by no less than four hundred people with fifteen wreaths being laid in memory of those having fallen from different Rhodesian Regiments and organisations as well as individuals.
The band, choir, bugler and piper all contributed towards a most moving and memorable Service conducted by Chaplin David Padbury. (Please pass this on to those I might have missed)

Those interested please deposit the R120 into The SAS Regimental Association of Southern Africa Bank A/c at First National Bank of SA, Durban North Branch (220-426) A/c No. 62016286925. Write your name & DVD against the reference No. and send me your postal address and copy of the deposit slip by Email or Fax: 031-5629591 and I will send you your copy.
Pete Maunder

I am writing this as an appeal to any ex-members who find themselves in straightened circumstances or to members or friends and family who are aware of such persons to whom this applies, this includes problems relating to Rhodesian/Zimbabwe pensions, to contact the undersigned, sending full particulars ( only accurate, valid details are to be contained in a comprehensive report)

via this website E-mail contact address.

This does not constitute a promise of alleviation but rather is an attempt to gather a database of genuine cases, which we will then consolidate and pass on to influential persons in Britain who will in turn make intercession on behalf of the case respondees. This is a long shot but nothing ventured, nothing gained and this appeal is made in the best of faith and I request that no chancers or invalid persons respond.

The matter is obviously sensitive and will be handled by me personally, empathetically and appropriately. Full contact details are required and if possible the E mail addresses pertinent to the case. Where application is made, attempts will be made to verify the claimed circumstances by referral to third parties who are in a position to do so. Respondents should be aware of this requirement.

A difficult task, I am sure. Please assist us to help those who need it most!


George Galbraith


SAS Association of Southern Africa



Please convey my congratulations to your committee on a job well done.
The Memorial Service on Saturday was extremely well organized and a fitting tribute to the fallen.
I found the Service both tasteful and moving (odd tear in the eye!) . I felt privileged to be there. I particularly enjoyed meeting some of the NOK . It may be a thought that they are especially invited in the future ?
I apologize for not being at any of the other functions, but unfortunately it was just not possible. I understand, though, that these went off very well.
These sort of functions do not " just happen" - they only come together after much hard work and dedication. The fact that these were such a success is a tribute to you and your committee.
Thank you and well done.

With warmest regards

Grahame Wilson

It was a pleasure for Wendy & I to attend the recent celebrations. The memorial service was a very moving occasion especially when we live so far away. Being there, standing with mates remembering our fallen colleagues was very special.

Congratulations to the committee for organising such a fun filled occasion - well done, keep up the good work.

John Graham,

Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Just a short one to thank a few people - You Dave for keeping our window open so effectively and of course Colin Prain for enabling it; all of you who peer in regularly and sometimes chat to us through it; our friends and associates for all your support; our generous family members who give so feelingly and willingly to deserving causes and finally to all of you who joined with us recently in Durban to honour our “Fallen” and celebrate our raison d’etre. Thanks also to my sterling committee who make it all happen! Bless you all

If you are reading this and could not make it to our greatest reunion yet, we missed you and extend our warmest greetings and hope to see you soon. Any ex members of the Sqn who are oblivious to our brotherhood are eagerly sought, so if you know of anyone of this ilk, please communicate with them. And talking of communication, your messages, anecdotes, news and questions are welcome on this site

A special mention to the family members who survive SAS men who fell in battle or who have since passed on. You have a special place in our hearts and in our Association and we would like to maintain communication with you, keep that flame alive and welcome you in person to our Annual Memorial Service. Please make contact with us through this medium or otherwise so that we can update your contact details and we will be sending you invitations in due course. Of course, we have the solid brass plaques on our “Wall of Remembrance” which provide a memory in perpetuity, which family members may have mounted next to our Plinth.

My very best wishes

George Galbraith

Chairman, The SAS Association of Southern Africa


Hi Everyone,
It is my duty to inform you all that I have just received the sad news from Rob Hepple's sister Desi Hodgson that Rob passed away yesterday evening in Johannesburg after a long and hard battle against cancer.
As many of you will know Rob served with the Squadron in the latter part of the 70's and was Secretary Treasurer of the Association in the early 90's prior to his move to London where he worked for several years before returning to South Africa.
Rob leaves his wife Pauline and daughters Amy and Jessie.
A service is to be held in Johannesburg with Rob's burial and service on the farm in the Cato Ridge area on Saturday 22nd October starting at approximately 1000h.
For further information please contact Desi Hodgson at: 011-4403673, 082-4457732 or email garryho@mweb.co.za
Please pass this message on to all with a need to know.

Pete Maunder


On the 20th September, ex member Steve Seaward and his wife Moira were travelling in Zambia near the Zambezi river opposite Mana pools area, when they were attacked by a lone gunman. Steves wife was killed and Steve was shot twice. Latest information we have is that Steve is going to be airlifted to South Africa for medical treatment. We will post more info when we have it.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Steve and Moiras family.

Latest information, 26 September 05
on Steve is that he has been moved out of ICU at Milpark hospital and is now in a general ward. However it will be a while before he has recovered, one of the bullets has not been removed as it is very close to the spine. Any further information will be posted

Gentlemen, Can anybody help please.
From: David Saffery
Subject: Op Bastille 1979
Sent: 10 May 2005 12:00:04 PM

May I pick your brains, please? I have a customer called Stephen Sowerby who is researching C Squadron SAS operations, and is particularly interested in Op Bastille against Nkomo in Lusaka in 1979.
He is keen to contact someone who might be able to flesh out some of the details that don't appear in books like Elite Pictorial and SAS Rhodesia.
Stephen works for the British government; he is a serious researcher rather than a war nut, and I promised I would ask a couple of people if they could help.
Are you able, please, to suggest anyone he could contact who might be able to fill in some of the gaps?

Best wishes from London

David Saffery

Afribilia -- Art & collectors' items from across Africa
16 Bury Place, London WC1A 2JL, United Kingdom
T 020 7404 7137
F 020 7404 7138

Hi there!

I'm just wanting to thank you guys for all the great response I got from everyone when I inquired about my dad.It's been great to hear the stories from you and from another angle too as you all knew him in your own special way and from what I understand you were all a family!

Your words have been extreamly kind and touching.I've always been proud to say that he is my dad and now that I'm expecting my own little 'monster' it will be great to one day pass all the stories on.

Take special care to you all,

Kindest regards

Shay Cripps

Are ANY of your members remnants from the original Malaya squadron?
I am still trying to find anyone who was there with my uncle, Vic Visagie.




22 December 2004

Hi All,
On behalf of the Association it is with the deepest sadness and condolences to Anne and the family I must report the last "STAND IN THE DOOR" of our dear friend Ralph Moore who passed away peacefully last night.
It goes without saying Anne, that as a member of the Association we will always be here for you for as long as we exist.
Yours with deepest sympathy at this time of extreme loss.

Pete Maunder

I am an independent filmmaker based in England, and am making a documentary about British freelance professional soldiers, some of whom served in the Rhodesian SAS.
The documentary is low budget as I am funding and making the programme myself with the aim of selling it to UK broadcasters upon completion, and I aim to put across the side of the soldier, ie, what it was like fighting in Rhodesia and Mozambique in the 1970’s.
I was wondering whether you or any of your former colleagues have any footage, of training or operations, of any Rhodesian soldiers in action. Whatever the format, 8mm, 16mm, video - DV, VHS, Digi, I would love to use it in the programme.
I would be most grateful if you could help out by supplying any footage you have. I can of course cover the faces of anyone who would wish not to be seen.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards

David Whitney
Equinox Film & TV Production
0161 736 0222
07957 770210

My name is Derek Fisk.
I am ex-Brit Army and Police, currently residing in W.Australia.
I am putting together a book illustrating worldwide SAS and related units insignia. Although there are plenty of reference books out there a definitive guide to SAS insignia has never been published.
I am hoping that you might be able to point me in the right direction. I am hoping to team up with someone who has extensive knowledge regarding C-Sqn insignia. Be it a collector or better still a unit historian or the like.
Someone who would be willing to assist in verifying, authenticating and passing comment on items to be included within the book and maybe giving me the odd kick up the backside and a shove in the right direction !

My appreciation in advance for your assistance.

Many thanks,

Derek Fisk
29th September, 2004.

I was at the monthly meeting of the Parachute Regiment Association in Darlington,England so see my friend Dave Collins ( ex C squadron) but was sad to hear that he is now bed ridden due to his epileptic fits getting worse.
Dave suffered a near fatal head wound whilst in the bush on operations in 'the Russian front', he came back to England for treatment & later joined 4 Para in 1982 were I met him.
He was never right but the army life suited him & his health improved.Unfortunately Dave eventually had to leave 4 Para ( plus he had got married by now ) & then his fits started to occur. He has been in & out of hospital but now I don't think their is anything they can do for him.I met him 2 months a go & was shocked at his deterioration.
I was wondering if any of his ex colleges were in the UK & could pay him a visit or send him a get well card or something. Dave is very proud of having served in Rhodesia & loved the army its a shame his quality of life is rapidly on the decline. His wife ( Diane ) is very ill also & needs an electric chair to get around.

Dave's address is -
21 Lyonette Road,
England,DL1 2AT.

tel - 01325 489775 or
077782 62997


Phil Nellis

I am trying to get in touch with an old family friend William "Bill" Simpson.
Originally of British SAS moved to Rhodesia, joined the SAS there, after 1980 he stayed in the country with his wife Anne.
Last heard of working for UN in Sudan or Angola.
Any help appreciated.

Udo-James Becker


Hi there Sunshine

My name is Shay Cripps, and I am looking for anyone that knew my Dad, Clive Gordon Cripps who served with the SAS in Rhodesia in the seventies, he died in 1979, and I was only 5 months old. Please contact me If you can help or if you can point me in the right direction I would gladly appreciate it. My mothers name is Patricia Rainne.

Please reply to this address
Looking forward to hearing from someone soon, I am currently in the UK.

Best regards

Shay Cripps

Lionel Yeoman where are you?
Last heard of in the North Sea!

Please make contact

John Graham


Thanks to all the members who made the re-union such a trmendous success, we will definitely be out again next time.
Thanks also to all my old mates who showed Gloria & myself such wonderfull hospitality on our travels around S.Africa.
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Rob Hepple continued better health towards a full recovery, Hope to see you in November.
Please advise any members in the U.K. or abroad that if they care to pay their subs to me ,I will give them a receipt and pay the full amount to the Association in Rands thus saving the exhorbitant amount that the banks charge on foreign funds into S.A.

all the best for 2004

yours aye

Buck Hitchcock

Hi guys,

Just recieved my copy of the book organised by one of my brothers. It is excellent and really impressive in its presentation! Good to see all the old faces and go back abit! I served in the unit from 16 August 1965 to 16 August 1970, joining after doing NS in the RRAF and meeting up with John Graham and other Umtali boys doing para course at Sarum. I had been farming until then! We joined on a civvy contract so if you failed you did not have to stay in the army. 3 of us joined on the same day, 3658 Fynn F, 3659 Botha W(Bones), 3660 Carmichael RG, we passed along with another civvy Corrie Oosthiuzen plus 3 RLI guys, Ed Savage, Colin Fullwood and Chris Vermaak. I still have contact with Carmichael who lives in the UK. I then went back as a TF 1979-1980 in trg troop with Rob Johnstone and Stan Hornby. Coming to the Bluff with the crowd in 1980.

There are a lot of faces to put names to but I guess all that will come right now that the book is out. What does surprise me is that there is no photo of Joe Conway who along with TC Woods, Darrel Watt and Stretch Franklin did all the initial tracking for Op Cauldron with RLI. Andre Rabie had completed his 3 yr contract and was in Namibia I think. Joe was killed in a car accident and recieved his BCR postumously. He was the bushcraft man in the unit but seems to have missed a mention when it comes to tracking! If anyone comes near Pongola pop in and see myself or Tony Talbot who is just down the road from me, my cel 0828986675. I would like to get a copy of the LRDG book as Les Pittaway and my father were old chinas!! Anyway, well done and Talbot and myself will definitely see you in November!

Kind regards, Francis (Frank) Fynn (Sgt)

Hi Guys
This is just a short message to thank all those people in the Association who gave me moral support during my illness. For those who don't know, I have been fighting cancer for the last two years including a 7 month stint in hospital, a bone marrow transplant and a very narrow brush with the grim reaper. I am now on the mend albeit very slowly.
Thanks to Don Junner and Bruce Fraser for keeping me cheerful on the phone with news from everyone, even when I had tubes stuck up my nostril and to George Galbraith for the support that he gave.
That support helped me like you won't believe.
That's what the association is about.

Thanks again

Rob Hepple

Gday Fellas

Does anybody have a sample of a greens lapel badge or steel beret badge which I could either borrow or purchase. I need it as a template for a base-badge for the bronze SAS Troopies we are marketing. The badge will be returned undamaged if required. Please go to www.rhodesianspecialforces.com if you are interested in a bronze.
I would appreciate it if you would sign the Guestbook while you are there.

Please email me at dave@rhodesianspecialforces.com if you have a badge. Thanks a lot - have a great chrissy.

Regards to all.
Dave Hodgson.
Queensland, Australia.

PS. Thanks to Rod Dawson for supplying the beret badge I needed for the SAS Bronze sculptures.
Cheers Rod.
Dave Hodgson

I am researching a medal group to 1033 Cpl DLA Bovill who served in C Sqn in Malaya.
Any help or info greatly appreciated.
All the best.
Rich Perry

Hi Norman,in first place I thank you,for having organized my accommodation,I have no hesitation in recommending 20 Palm Grove B&B,Dallas looked after Ronda and I magnificently.Please convey my congratulations to all members of the committee for having organized such a memorable and congenial event,from the AGM to the Memorial Service ("Torty" King) looked fantastic at the flag post,and also the fine choice as guest of honor with the presence of Viscount John Slim OBE DL,the venue for Dinner was fantastic,and the food sumptuous. A big hug (A la Pork) to all,the years have passed,we have grown older,we are spread over the four corners of the globe, but,we shall never forget our mates . Cheers

Manny "The pork"Carvalho





Well Gents,
Just found your web site by accident, so saying hi,served with some of you, 1974/75, then went off to fight in angola and lebanon.
Left S.A. in 1984 and been back in UK since, if anyone around that remembers me say hi, will try to keep in touch but off to Equidor soon (Bodyguard, at my age!!)

Barry Wilbor



Hello Guys,

I got to hear about your web site from Henri Lepetit while on a recent visit to the South of France. I'm working for a Taiwanese Airline called EVA Air as a relief Capt. on a B747-400. Its been a long uphill struggle from starting a career in aviation in a straw hut in Mozambique. Eva is the fifth airline I have worked for around the world and home is now in Melbourne. I would really like to get in touch with Anton Bernarde, Carl Van Aswegen and Frank Tunney do any of you have any idea how to get in touch with them?

The two guys I have managed to keep in touch with are Henri and Steve Kluzniak. Just recently I have managed to see Mike Skorupski as I do the odd Paris flight. Managed to have a few beers with Nick Wilson on one occasion too. I leave for a trip to Seattle in a few hours , drop me a line when you can.

All the best for the New Year


Hello to all exSquadron members,
just letting you know I'm now living on Mud Island. cheers,

Joe Bresler

Rhodesians in the LRDG (Long Range Desert Group)

Anyone interested in purchasing this unique, newly released book please contact me for details. It is a fantastic book. Features include:- More than 600 photographs, most of which have never been seen before;

Full citations of all Rhodesian gallantry awards;
Reminiscences by serving patrolmen;
Over 200 full-colour images of LRDG badges, medals and militaria;
A full nominal roll of all Rhodesians who served with the LRDG;
7 Detailed chapters covering each of the campaigns;
6 detailed maps;
268 action-packed pages;
Detailed Order of Battle graphics;
Plenty of Kiwi connections as well.

It is a specialised book and so there is not a huge quantity of them available. Expect to pay around 50 pounds for it depending on where you live in the world.

Please pass this to anyone who may be interested. Cheers
e-mail hbomford@clear.net.nz
web: http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/hbomford/