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Some ex members have chosen not to be listed but we do have their contact details and messages can be forwarded

Members please TELL ME
if your email address changes

Anyone who wants their name linked to a website let me know

Who Dares Wins

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Allan Piet
Baka Imre
Barnes Mike,
Blyth Tony
Botha Ben
Botha Frans
Bowen Iain
Caffin John
Campion Paul
Carvalho Manny
Chambers Bill
Chesterman Dennis
Chivers Gerry
Cleary Steve
Cliff Andrew
Collins Dave
Conradie Niel
Coomer Gordon
Corken John
Cumming Gordon
da Silva Bernard
Dearlove Shaun
Debruyn Tony
DuPlooy Dirk
DuToit J
Engelbrecht Jerry
Evans Dean
Forster Jim
Fraser Kevin
French Paul
Fynn F
Galbraith George
Garmany Rob
Gartner John
Graham John
Grant (Billy) William
Gribbin B
Hall John
Hayden James
Haynes J
Hider Alan
Hinde Simon
Hitchcock James
Hodgson Dave
Hornby Stan
Hucke Wolf
Hyland-Smith Angus
Jamieson Fletch
Jewitt Olli
Johnson Tony
Johnstone Richard
Johnstone Rob
Joubert Johann
Kietzmann Martin
King "Doc" Richard Dr
King Tordy
Lemmer Deon
Lemmer Spike
LeRoux Fred
LeRoux Pete
Loadman Robby
Mackenzie Ian
Masson John
Mawby George
Mc Aleese Peter
McCormack Scotty
McGahan Gerry
Mcluckie Vernon
Mordt Ed
Munro James
Niven David
Norrod "Rick" Burx
OCarrol Greg
Patterson Roy
Pearce Reg
Prain Colin
Pretorius Hennie
Puntis Ian
Raath Auv
Raciborski Franeck
Ramsay Jim
Ratte W
Riddick John
Roach Terry
Robey Noel
Scales Dave
Scheepers Andre
Shield Billy
Simmons Paul
Smith Richard
Smith Raymond
Souster Les
Southgate Ray
Spargo Bruce
Standish-White Stan
Steyn Jerry
Stiles Ian
Stockton Norman
Thackwray SJ
Tiffin Russel
Tilley Vince
Tolond Phil
Treloar Geoff
Trotter Ian
Tyson Larry
Van Blerk Les
Viljoen Pat
Wantenaar Gert
Watson J
Watt Darrell
Wiles Jo
Williams Owen
Wilson Nick

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Who Dares Wins