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Reunion 2013

The South African Reunion

Spike Ian and Frank

Carol Bez and Frank

Tony and Pete

George Rob and Mike

Rob Bruce and Stan

Billy Pete Bez Hoss

Spike John and Roy

George and Hillary

Hoss Willum Pete

Mike and Ben

Colin and Roy

Frank and Vernon
with this years guest speaker

Brilliant group shot

Stan Ken and Pete

The UK Reunion

Hi everybody just to let you know this year a large group of ex members attended the UK sas reunion. These included Dave Padbury, Colin Prain Rob Mackenzie, Paul French, Eugene Pomeroy, Roger England, Pat Viljeon, Rob Cuthbert, Tony Johnson, Rob Johnstone, Andrew Kluckow, Rob Brazier, Guy Williams, Stewart Cranswick, Tug Morkel

Stewart and Tug

Stewart Rob M Rob J and Tug

Group shot next to tower

Eugene next to tower

Rob next to tower

Colin Eugene Roger and Rob Johnson

Nice picture of tower

Cross placed next to tower to remember Richard Smith

Eugene Rob Andrew and Stewart

The final RV

Thats all for now folks, see you in
November 2014

Who Dares Wins