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Wall of Shame

Over the years we have had several individuals passing themselves off as ex members. In the past we have just laughed them off as wanna be walter mitties. Recently however some of these imposters are coming out with such ludicrous stories about their time spent in csqn that we have to expose them for the sad cases they are.

Well he is doing it again, Jeffrey Lendrum, a man claiming to be ex Rhodesian SAS is on the run again for stealing rare falcon eggs. Click HERE or HERE to read the full story. Welcome back Jeffery.

Click HERE or HERE to read about Jeffrey Lendrum a man who was arrested trying to smuggle rare falcon eggs into dubai. claims to be ex Rhodesian SAS. He isnt. Welcome to the wall of shame Mr Jeffrey Lendrum

Steven Hatfill upon arrest for suspicion of sending anthrax by post claimed to be an ex member of Csqn, HE IS NOT, even though conspiracy theorists likeAlex Constantine insists he is, click HERE to read a background story about Mr Hatfill

Micheal Bottoms claims among other things to have eleven "knife kills", quite bizarre, whilst serving as a member of Csqn, He Isnt. Unfortuneatly Mr Bottoms has been instructing the USMC, I hate to think what he has been saying. Click HERE to read about him

There is another individual roaming the UK this time, He is appearing at various memorials and military gatherings in sas beret and wearing Rhodesian medals, claiming to be an ex member, he goes by the name of "Thomo". We dont know much about him at present but we will be publishing a photograph of him shortly and if anyone can shed any light on this gentleman we will be very grateful

Well he has been exposed, click HERE and see what this gentleman has been up to

Who Dares Wins